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"Music might be defined as a system of proportions in the service of a spiritual impulse." -George Crumb


I'm intrigued by the patterns in music. With its proportions, shapes, sympathetic relationships, repetition and its effects on the listener. Music, at its core is simply mathematics. The delivery of this 'system of proportions' is what effects the human spirit. Music is uniquely divine, and can change a mood, enlighten one to new ideas, open a spiritual atmosphere and motivate. The guitar has long been a musical outlet for me. I have a passion for the instrument, its many sounds and versatility. 

I've had the great privilege of playing and recording for many artists in the Nashville and surrounding area, as well as fronting my own band for almost a decade. Whether on stage or in the studio, I give my all to those I serve.


I currently tour with Guy Penrod playing acoustic and electric guitar. In February 2012, I released an acoustic instrumental album called Acoustic Lullabies, followed by my second album Christmas Classics in October 2013. I am also available for sessions in Nashville and guitar overdubs long distance. I have a film and tv music publishing deal with Mountain Row Music.

—Jason Ahlbrandt

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